Sustainability is woven into everything we do.

We are aware that everything we do has an impact on the environment, and our goal is to ensure that it is a positive one. As an ecologically friendly brand, we attempt to combat our carbon emissions by planting a tree for every purchase made. By minimizing our carbon footprint, we’re preserving our beautiful planet's ecosystem. We are not only focused on creating stunning, ethically-sourced jewelry, but also maintaining a shiny future for all.

Our values

Ethically Sourced Diamonds

We work with high quality, Vs2-Si1 diamonds, that are ethically-sourced in accordance with the Kimberley International Certification Process.

14K Recycled Gold

What makes our gold so special is that it is delicately hand-crafted to perfection, and made from recycled precious metals.

Reuseable Packaging

In attempt to eliminate waste, we decided to make our packaging reusable. Whether you use your Magal pouch as a makeup bag, a beach bag, or random storage at the bottom of your purse, it won't go unused!

Order On-Demand

Our business model is structured on a made-to-order basis. What does this mean, you ask? This means that you not only receive unique and personalized products on-demand, but that we are able to reduce waste and pollution often caused by manufacturing. No excess product, means ZERO WASTE!