Wear your jewelry with pride, knowing that you've given back to our magical earth.

Wear your jewelry with pride, knowing that you've given back to our magical earth.

Recycled Gold

Gold is a material that has captured human imaginations since the dawn of time. It's a versatile metal that is incredibly malleable and can manipulate into many uses.

Gold jewelry, in particular, has forever been a symbol of status and power due to its brilliance and versatility and has obtained sentimental value over time. As gold does not tarnish or decay, it continues to stand the test of time as arguable the most sorted metal out of the many that our beautiful world magically produces. Unfortunately, as this divine product of the earth continues to be mind due to its popularity, it has negatively affected our planet in a big way. Gold Mining exposes the inner earth to water and air, which cause harmful chemical reactions that produce acids that can leak into our drainage systems. Gold mining also compromises air quality, as it distributes significant amounts of airborne elemental mercury every year.
These gases significantly contribute to global warming, and that's why it has become our mission to rework how we produce the gold we use. The only way to lower our footprint is to recycle the gold that already exists.

14K gold offers a stronger, more durable, and more affordable metal with higher wearability that displays a beautiful warm tone. What makes our gold so special is that it is delicately hand-crafted to perfection, made from recycled precious metals. What makes gold so unique is that it can be infinitely recycled without ever losing its integrity. Recycled gold goes through a process where it is melted down, refined, and then recast into something new. Often, old jewelry that is no longer in use is melted to repurpose its valuable metal. This process seizes the need for gold mining, which has caused significant damage to our ecosystem. Recycling is the most sustainable way to produce new gold jewelry and can help eliminate an overly negative environmental impact, that has previously been caused by the gold mining industries.

Why wear just any jewelry when you can wear jewelry with a difference?