Wear your jewelry with pride, knowing that you've given back to our magical earth

Wear your jewelry with pride, knowing that you've given back to our magical earth

Shine with confidence

We think it's essential for you to know that you're making a difference to our earth each time you decide to shop with us.
The change begins with you! Let's alter the way we shop and consume by making smarter, greener choices for our planet.

Nurturing Our Planet

Magal combines a minimal aesthetic with timeless elegance. Our collection showcases the most captivating, ethically-sourced diamonds in accordance with the Kimberley Process, alongside 14k recycled gold that will satisfy you while preserving our planet. Our products are designed to last, using the highest quality materials that are handcrafted to withstand everyday life.

Galith, our founder, was born into a prominent family that spent years in the diamond industry. Originally based in the capital city of diamonds, Antwerp, Belgium, Galith spent years observing her father's work. She developed her finesse for brilliant cuts, clarity, and most of all, fair pricing. With many years of experience growing up around the diamond trade, Galith understands what makes an excellent piece of jewelry. With this knowledge, she set out to create Magal, a brand that produces high-quality, ethically-sourced diamond jewelry at affordable prices. Galith believes every woman deserves to wear diamonds, but not at the expense of our planet!

Ethical And Sustainable

When you shop with Magal, we guarantee that your personalized jewelry does not harm our precious ecosystem. We create the jewelry you desire on-demand through our ethical practices, which means no inventory and no waste! All our premium 14k gold is recycled and repurposed to terminate traditional gold mining methods that have caused damaging effects to our planet. In collaboration with the One Tree Planted Project, for every Magal purchase made, a tree will be planted on a customers' behalf. Each time you wear your Magal pieces, you can wear them with pride, knowing that you are giving back to our earth.
Magal is not just a brand; we are a brand with a mission!

Make It Personal

One thing that makes our handcrafted jewelry so wonderful is that we let our customers take the designer's seat; we give you the freedom to design jewelry you desire. We offer a unique virtual shopping experience, giving you the ability to shop on-demand, from the comfort of your home, even in times when you're unable to shop the way you wish. Create the jewelry you want to wear with multiple engraving options, the choice between three ravishing golds, different diamond sizes, and customizable plates. Our sentimental products make the most memorable gift for any loved one or are perfect for those moments where you wish to spoil yourself. The limits are truly endless when it comes to Magal, so you'll be sure to find something that you'll love.


No Middle Man

Typically, when purchasing fine jewelry, the customer is unaware of hidden costs that make high-quality jewelry so expensive! When you shop with Magal, we eliminate those traditional hidden costs by cutting out the middle man. What exactly does that mean? It means that the final cost of your personalized products is made more affordable without compromising on the quality of the jewelry itself. When you shop with Magal, you know you will receive the finest, premium jewelry that is ethically-sourced through sustainable manufacturing methods, without the heavy price tag!

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